Team MadeBrave are ready for the Commonwealth Games

While the likes of Michael Jamieson and Usain Bolt have been busy eating their greens and training night and day for the games, we’ve also been practising our skills (numchuck skills, bowhunting skills) in preparation for competing this summer in the form of Team MadeBrave.

With a team of very talented athletes, we feel that we’ll be likely to win a medal in some of the more unusual sports, like space hopping, egg’n'spoon racing and haggis throwing, for example. Plus like all of the teams, we have a Scottie Dog, but ours is better because he’s actually a weight-lifting champion (didn’t see THAT one coming, did you?)

Anyway, we’ve had a lot of support over the last few months and we just want to say a heart-felt thank you to everyone who has worked tirelessly to make sure we qualify for each of the sports, we couldn’t have done it without you. Also, a big shout out to all the people who organised and performed in last night’s spectacular opening ceremony – you knocked it out the park – huge congratulations.

Anyway, we still need to do our day jobs in amongst being high-profile athletes, so, as Keith Lemon would say, it’s back t’ studio.

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PS. Good luck to everyone involved in the games, our city is buzzing and we’re quite frankly lovin’ it.


We’re hiring a Traffic Manager

* Now closed for applications *

Traffic Manager / Full-Time / Salary D.O.E

We’re on the hunt for a new MadeBraver again! This time we’re after a super-organised Traffic Manager to feed the mouths of our hungry creatives; divvying up all the nice chunky jobs that make their way into our buzzing studio.

It’s the perfect opportunity for those who are at a cross-roads in their career to roll-up to Braveville and join our team of (dashing, talented, fun) MadeBravers. That was traffic joke #1, (be warned, there’s more).

Working closely with our Design Director, Business Operations Director and Account Handlers, you’ll help to ensure the smooth running of day-to-day activities, looking after our clients and team so that we can continue to create great work.

What your job will be:

  • Managing and planning all work through the creative department
  • Liaising between account handling, project management and digital teams
  • Holding weekly status meetings and managing the daily schedule
  • Creating a monthly forecast to ensure best practices of planning
  • Resourcing freelance requirements as and when required and sorting paperwork accordingly
  • Overseeing jobs and making sure they are on track, on time and budget wise
  • Ensuring time-sheets are completed on time

Skills and experience necessary for this role:

  • Agency experience
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Amazing people management skills
  • Thorough understanding around the creative process and thinking ahead before each required step
  • Logical thinker
  • Clear communicator
  • Resourcing experience
  • Can-do attitude

You’ll feel right at home if:

  • You know the songs from The Lion King
  • You admire Ron Burgandy
  • You love lamp (see image above – traffic lights, how relevant, it’s almost like we took that picture especially)

MadeBraver Benefits:

  • Opportunity to run for Director of Fun (prestigious, fun-organising role)
  • Regular Burrito eating
  • BrewDog beers on a Friday (wine alternatives for non-beer drinkers)
  • Entertainment from our Sit-Down Comedy team

So if you’ve got the skills for this role, there’s a big shiny green light that says GO and apply (and there’s your traffic joke #2).

That’s all folks.

To apply:

Send your CV to work@madebrave.com by 5pm on Wednesday June 25th. We also love a wee cover letter, so don’t be shy, give us your best chat.


Powered up Paint: MadeBrave® help Aggreko celebrate the games

Mix a concoction of MadeBrave creative skills, super-power from Aggreko, a big old dose of paint and amazing street art from Rogue-One and what you get is a super looking bespoke generator and time-lapse production.

The brief from Aggreko was to find a creative, engaging way to celebrate their involvement with the Commonwealth Games, which is happening in just over 2 months. Wow, time flies when you’re head down on Creative Suite. Anyway, the global power and temperature control company are providing temporary power for the Glasgow event, so who can blame ‘em for wanting to shout about it?

This seemed like the perfect opportunity for the brand to do something a bit out of the (cliché alert), power box. So our answer to the brief was to create a bespoke design that could be applied to one of their generators that would later be unveiled at an event in their Dumbarton headquarters.

We wanted to make one of those 20ft generators look phenomenal, so what followed was a lot of thinking, designing, talking, sketching and scoping. We brought on the very talented Rogue-One Graffiti artists to bring our designs to life by painting directly on to the generator container. Yes, we know, we technically encouraged our client (a FTSE 100 company) to let us graffiti their product – but hey it worked a treat.

Since such an impressive art form has to be captured, we filmed and produced a time-lapse video that we then edited to promote Aggreko and their involvement in the games. Before we go on, pump up your volume and enjoy it for yourself…

Welcome back.

So, fast forward a couple of weeks and 75 of Scotland’s business leaders gather at Aggreko HQ for their launch event. The time-lapse video is screened on a big, manly sized TV screen, with music blaring from speakers, before the shutters open up and the generator is revealed. Queue lots of ooh and ahhh moments, of which we are pleased to say there were many!

Post unveiling of the Commonwealth Games themed generator, Twitter went bonkers on us with messages of wows and great feedback, which, why lie, we loved. We’re also pleased to say that Aggreko received brilliant press coverage from multiple news sites, including STV Glasgow, The Herald and The Scotsman to name a few, as well as lots of social media attention.

We were happy, the client was happy, we’re all happy. So as Pharrell would say, clap along.