There’s creativity in everyone…

For some it comes bursting out every time it’s called upon. It’s written all over anything and everything they do. For others it’s kept safe and tucked away—for them it’s just a matter of going after it with a head torch and bucketloads of can-do. It’s in there somewhere though, trust us.

You’ll have heard people say, “there’s no such thing as a bad idea” and around here we actually believe it. Thing is, the best ideas always come off the back of something you didn’t mean to blurt out in the first place. That’s why everyone gets a say, not just the “creative types”. You see, while there’s no “i” in “team” there is a “me” and being ourselves is something that just can’t be helped.

We’re book-sniffers and we’re hoverboard-riders. We’re problem-solvers and burrito-eaters. We’re dead serious and we’re professional fun-havers. Like a legendary news anchor with a flute up his sleeve, we’re never caught unprepared. We’re shiny happy positive people that have “branding” written on the bottom-side of our boots (relax, it’s part of the dress code). We’re amigos without egos but we know exactly what we’re doing, mostly. We ask forgiveness before we ask permission. We throw our heads back and laugh at every challenge because we believe there’s no such thing as a problem we can’t tackle.

We also believe in being nice. We believe in shaky-knees and belly-flips and squeaky bums and lightbulb moments. We believe that playing it safe is risky. We believe there’s just no match for the power of creativity to transform ideas, opinions, and even the world. And since there’s creativity in everyone, this world belongs entirely to the can-do’ers and the risk-takers. It belongs to the ones with sweaty palms and shaky boots who run full force, even deeper into the fray. It belongs to those who make it bigger and make it bolder.

This world belongs to the brave.