We’ve been on a journey of babies, burritos, studio moves, awards and speedy growth — all started by a man who decided to start a business with a 2-week-old baby at home and only £1000 of personal cash to kick things off. It’s true what they say: fortune does favour the brave.

August 2011

With a 2-week old baby (goes by the name Finlay) and £1000 in the bank, MadeBrave® founder Andrew decides then is a great time to start his own business – brave, eh? He leaves his role as Creative Director and starts hosting meetings in coffee shops to get going.

October 2011

Things get busier and busier as Scottish Renewables hire Andrew to undertake a major rebrand. One of Andrew’s very first clients, they remain a MadeBrave® client today.

December 2011

With the business going strong, Andrew decides to take a studio space in South Block, a building run by Wasps Artists Studios, so that he can focus on growing. He begins work on creating the MadeBrave® brand (awww look at our first ever brand mark).

March 2012

MadeBrave® is born, weighing (actually we don’t know what we weighed). Before long, Andrew starts hiring and grows as quickly as a new born does. Work continues to flood in.

May 2013

Just like babies grow out of clothes, we out-grew our studio and moved to a bigger one, still within South Block. With a bigger space available, the team start creating the studio space they wanted. Cue purchasing of lamps and random objects (we even bought full size traffic lights though we’re not sure why).

June 2013

Slash from Guns N’ Roses gives us his Gibson Les Paul, we brand it and get it on our studio wall pronto.* Being a typical lighting obsessed photographer, Heed Honcho Andrew naturally decides to stick some lighting behind it, in the MadeBrave® teal colour of course.

October 2013

We are crowned Business of the Year (1-10 staff) at the Glasgow Business Awards. We pose like something out of Mad Men before we go (you can decide who would be Don Draper) and drink a lot of whisky to celebrate.

May 2014

We are all diagnosed with Foodcoma Syndrome (post lunch sleepiness) due to the amount of burritos we eat (Pinto is too close to our studio).*

July 2014

With so many of us now at MadeBrave®, we decide to enter the Commonwealth Games. Not wanting to miss out, we buy our own terrier dog to be our mascot. We won gold in Haggis Shot Put, Babybike Cycling and HulaHooping.*

September 2014

The (imaginary) MadeBrave® flag flies high to celebrate our Andrew winning Outstanding Contribution by a Young Business Leader at the Inspiring City Awards. Again the whisky comes out to celebrate.

December 2014

With way more bodies than we had in January, we consider using body heat to power the macs and lamps in the studio.* Santa stops by and delivers a couple more clients because we were such good boys and girls in 2014.

March 2015

MadeBrave®, now 18-strong and growing, celebrates the company’s third birthday. Meanwhile, the team prepare for some exciting plans that will come to life in 2015 – watch this space.

Also March 2015…

Just as we got over the terrible twos (which actually weren’t that terrible) we welcome MadeSocial and MadeDigital to the family – putting a name on our social media and digital services (it was almost like we planned it).

April 2015

As if we weren’t busy enough, we decide to pac a Mac (plus 19 others) and move to our new studio in The Albus building in Glasgow’s east end. Cue endless nights on Pinterest and many an impulse buy (but it was all worth it).

July 2015

In response to multiple requests for our famous MadeBrave® Moleskines, MadeBrave® Originals is born, our lifestyle brand for creative, fearless types (branding geeks launching a brand – fancy that!)

*Some or all of this may have been completely made up for entertainment purposes. Kind of like what they do on those reality tv shows.