As designy types, we like to put our stamp on things, so took what was a blank exposed concrete canvas and added a load of Macs, gadgets and stuff we’ve collected over the years (lamps, giant bean bags, full set of working traffic lights – y’know, the usual stuff) to make it feel like studio sweet studio. Come on in, the instant hot water tap’s on.

  • The MadeBrave office
  • MadeBrave office with falling confetti
  • A group of three people, about to be put under a cup as part of a magic trick
  • Andrew Dobbie, dressed as Marty McFly from Back to the Future, with a car with fiery tire marks
  • MadeBrave’s Dexter Dog, alongside a shark chair
  • Andrew Dobbie, walking on the ceiling in the MadeBrave office
  • MadeBravers, holding posters for Graphic Design Festival
  • A MadeBraver, dressed as Batman, punching a chair shaped like a shark
  • Raymond, sitting on a bean-bag at his desk.
  • The Chip Shop award, sitting on a table
  • Lorna Brown, with sparkles.
  • A lamp in the MadeBrave studio
  • Asa Rodger, dressed as Ace Ventura, holding a “pet-detective” business card
  • Jill Moffat on a Back to the Future hoverboard
  • Daisy Swain, standing in a plant pot, a flower photoshopped onto her head.
  • A life-sized lego man
  • MadeBravers and BB-8, battling with light-sabres.
  • Euan Brown, floating above the ground, eyes glowing red

Mi casa, su casa.

Don’t be shy, drop by (we’ll get the fancy china out).

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