From illustrators to origami artists – a spotlight on some of the amazing creative talent right here in our little corner of the planet.

One of the things we love most about what we do is that we get to meet creative people who geek out over solving problems and really descriptive briefs as much as we do (if you know, you know).

So, in the spirit of sharing – we’ve rounded up 10 of the best independent creatives in Scotland (we thought 10 was a nice, round number and to be honest, if we allowed ourselves, this would be ‘The Never Ending List of Awesome Independent Creatives in Scotland’ which could take quite a while to publish, so 10 it is).

Here they are…


Arrangements on Marcus Marritt illustrators work

Marcus Marritt

Marcus is an Illustrator with a really distinct style, which he describes as “a minimal approach with a focus on light and shadow”  – which, come to think of it, sums up his work pretty perfectly. We were really lucky to work with Marcus this year on some great projects and have all our fingers and toes crossed that we get to do so again!

Check out his work here:



Rachel E Millar

If there’s one trend we hope will never fade out, it’s the return of hand painted signs. Charging in the war against vinyl with a paintbrush in hand, it’s Rachel E Millar – a Glasgow-based Signwriter and Lettering Artist whose work you can see all over the city and beyond. She came into our studio and painted all over our meeting room (but it’s okay, we asked her to).

Find her work


Jack Daly

“He’s like a master of colour” echoed across the studio when we mentioned that we were putting Jack in this round up of creatives. We’re still not quite sure exactly where that comment came from, but whoever it was, they weren’t lying. Jack’s illustrations practically burst from the screen (or page, or beer can) and feel like they’re moving, even when they’re totally still – how does he do that?!

See for yourself here:


Tom Pigeon

Although Tom Pigeon sounds like he could be a very-well-dressed-but-still-down-to-earth Art Director, it’s actually the name of the creative studio founded by Kirsty and Pete Thomas. They create beautiful, minimalist designs in prints, jewellery, stationery, homeware – you name it. Basically, if you want almost every element of your life to look great, pay these guys a visit.

Try your best not to spend all your money here:


Eleanor Stewart

One time, Eleanor came into the MadeBrave studio and showed us how to make origami stars and we haven’t stopped being amazed at what she can do. It’s not very often that you meet a Paper Artist, but Eleanor’s one of the best in the biz. Combine her next-level paper modelling skills with her playful approach to animation and you’ve got a match made in creative heaven.

Prepare to be amazed and click here:


Craig Black

Craig is a Graphic Designer, Lettering Artist and Typographer with a love for bold colours and smashing out personal projects. If you’ve ever met Craig (or heard him speak) you’ll know that his enthusiasm is as contagious as when someone clears their throat in a really quiet studio. He’s the man behind the brush of our ma-hoosive ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ mural at Casa MadeBrave and loads of amazing others.

Find his work right here:


Libby Walker

We first came across Libby when she illustrated all of our favourite breakfast spots in the Southside of Glasgow and yep…okay, we’re hungry again (this happens every time). Libby’s work celebrates the thriving communities and architecture of the city which can be seen on everything from prints, to cushions to tote bags.

Check out her amazing illustrations here:


Richard Davies

We first met Richard (who’s the Founder of Abandon Ship Apparel) when he came and spoke at our event at Google Digital Garage. His illustration style brings together all of his favourite things – with influences from tattoos to Mexican culture. Speaking of Mexican culture, he covered an entire room in illustrations inspired by ‘Amigos Without Egos’ (which is one of our brand values).

See (and shop) his illustrations here:


Catherine Johnstone

Design-led, minimalist homeware made with natural materials like clay, wood and silver. Nope, you haven’t just walked into an issue of Kinfolk but the workshop of Designer and Maker, Catherine Johnstone. Each item is unique, and worked on individually, so that you can see all of those unique features and makers marks.

Find her creations here:


Mateusz Chojnowski

We’ve admired Mateusz work for ages (and if you happened to pick up a program for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, you probably have too!). He’s both a Motion & 3D Designer and always brings an element of fun to his work, which we luckily got to see first-hand this year when we worked together on a project.

See how he brings things to life here:



For us, we believe that Scotland can be a creative capital as much as London, Berlin and New York – and if these 10 are anything to go by, we’re already there.

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