Five brands who put the interest in Pinterest (see what we did there?)

There’s not many places you’ll find “How to Make Your Own Darth Vadar Soap” and a recipe for “Mashed Potato Bacon Bombs” (no, you’re not dreaming, they’re a real thing) all huddled under the one cyber roof, but Pinterest is one of them (and just so happens to be the biggest). Back in 2010, a couple of guys got together and thought, “Hey, do you know what would be a good idea? Let’s create a massive online scrapbook where people can ‘Pin’ all their favourite bits and bobs from around the internet in one place” and (disclaimer) although this might not be exactly what they said, it’s exactly what they did. With more and more people heading to Pinterest (and spending an average of 14 minutes per visit – which is more than any other social network) it was only a matter of time before businesses jumped on the brandwagon (pun intended) and started creating content of their own. So, here are a few of the brands putting the interest in Pinterest…

Etsy – 740K Followers

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Who they are: Etsy is an online marketplace where brands and individuals can sell all the lovely things they make (it’s a great place to go if you’re looking for something different). Disclaimer: If this is the first time you’ve heard of Etsy, we cannot be held responsible for a sudden case of “shut-up-and-take-my-money-itis”.

What they share: As Etsy is a hot spot for creative types, seller photography is always top notch (they have loads of handy photo guides on their blog) so they’ve got plenty of Pin-worthy pics to choose from. Their Pinterest is full of content such as guest boards, top picks and even a few city guides thrown in there for good measure.

Why we love it: For customers, the Etsy website is massive and can be a wee bit overwhelming at times, so their handy boards are a great way to find what you’re looking for without getting “scrolling finger syndrome”. Secondly, it has a great community feel – by featuring their sellers, they’re saying “hey, you guys are doing a great job and we take notice”. Now for the business-y stuff, from a marketing perspective, it’s a nice subtle way of selling Etsy products without being too ‘in your face’. Pinterest was set up especially for lifestyle content, and Etsy are the ninja-level masters of this.

Nike Women – 131.9K Followers

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Who they are: Nike Women are the women’s-only division of Nike (you probably guessed this already)

What they share: Boards on style guides, products, fitness features, motivational quotes and successful sportswomen like Serena Williams and Gabby Douglas. On top of this, all the images they share are billboard worthy, and everyone knows good photography and Pinterest go together like donuts and more donuts (you don’t get a much better combo than that).

Why we love it: A lot of brands just post studio shots of their products, but Nike Women use Pinterest to show the benefits of their products in action. Their content is geared towards a female audience without being wishy-washy and soft, which ties in really well with their brand message. Considering over 85% of Pinterest users are women, Nike have chosen the right channel to focus on (bunch of clever clogs) and as self-confessed branding geeks, we love how Nike Women use Pinterest as a tool to tell customers what their brand is all about. Fact of the day: Nike Women is the only verified Nike Pinterest account there is.

General Electric – 25.5K Followers

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Who they are: Now for the curveball! General Electric are a tech and software solutions company (and they’re kicking Pinterest’s ass!)

What they share: Everything from 3D printing tech to “Badass Machines” (no, really) and mind blowing facts. Our personal favourite is their take on the popular Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” memes, featuring Thomas Edison.

Why we love it: First of all, it’s shamelessly geeky, but in a cool way. In terms of marketing, it just shows that you don’t have be in certain industries to do well on social media (or on Pinterest for that matter). We love their ‘out of the box’ approach to putting content out there that customers will love, by keeping an eye on what’s popular on social media and adapting it to their market and brand. This makes them a lot more relatable for not only customers, but people who appreciate a good mind blowing fact or badass machine (which we and over 25,000 others do).

Four Seasons – 47.2K Followers

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Who they are: Four Seasons (if you didn’t know already) are a massive luxury Hotels and Resorts company (nothing to do with pizza)

What they share: Basically anything you’d ever think of if you were going on holiday – travel destinations, food, style and events. A particular favourite of ours is their Pin.Pack.Go board – which invites guests to create a board and collaborate with Four Seasons who will pin restaurants and attractions that they think you’ll like.

Why we love it: It’s taking the traditional concierge service to a whole other level and adds a personal touch to their premium brand. What’s great about it is that guests start to experience their Four Seasons treatment before they even get through the door, by interacting with the team from anywhere in the world. For premium hotel brands such as the Four Seasons, it’s important for them to show customers why they should choose them and ‘Pin.Pack.Go’ is a unique tool for connecting with potential guests before their competitors do. It’s also a great way to connect with social media influencers and bloggers.

Miss West End Girl – 620.8K Followers (wowza!)

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 17.41.14

Who she is: Miss West End Girl (otherwise known as Lynsay) is a life and style blogger based here in Glasgow.

What she shares: Funnily enough, anything involving life and style, from fashion and recipes, to home interiors and her own blog content. She uses a good mix of third party and her own stuff, which work together seamlessly.

Why we love it: Miss West End Girl is a great example of the power of personal branding – everything from what she shares from other channels to the way she names her boards (eg: Fork n’ Roll – that’s one of our faves) makes her a must-follow Pinner. She’s also living proof that you don’t need a giant marketing budget to build up a following and to become an influencer online. On yersel’ Lynsay!

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