Meanwhile, far away from the pressures of it all, my creative partner, Ben Neilson, and I sat down to suss out the competition at this year’s Super Bowl LVII.

And while there were some brands that stood out from the crowds of misplaced celebs and meh storylines, overall we were left feeling a little, well, underwhelmed. Paramount Plus, Doritos, DraftKings… we’re looking at you.

But rather than scraping the bottom of the Bowl, here are our top picks from this year’s contenders.

1. RAM’s Premature Electrification

This one gets the gold for us. The ad speaks to the real reservations people have about buying an EV, and delivers it in 60 seconds of broad humour of the best kind. We were laughing hard anyway.

2. Bud Light Easy to Drink

This one made all the right moves in our eyes. Waiting in customer service call queues is a universally sh*t time. And we seem to be doing it more than ever these days. This one is culturally tuned-in. It’s bang on brand. And doesn’t it just make you feel good? Big fans.

Tubi Rabbit Hole

And finally… dystopian demon bunnies dragging people down human-sized rabbit holes. Kind of terrifying. Kind of genius. If that wasn’t creepy enough, the streaming platform later had people across the States screaming at their tele after seemingly ‘taking over’ the Fox Sport channel. Too real, Tubi. Too real.

And there you have it. Our commentary on the Super Bowl ads of 2023.

What were your hits and misses this year?

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