Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!

You know, putting together a group Christmas photo might seem simple as dropping a hot iron down a laundry shoot, but when it comes right down to it, it’s more like tying a string to door handle that fires a staple through a key hole right into your you-know-what (nose).

All that to say there’s loads of getting ready that goes into it—like coming up with a creative idea in the first place (that’s half the fun!). Then there’s costumes for 25 ridiculously good-looking MadeBravers and one ornery, bacon-roll-snatching Barketing Manager. Not to mention cameras, backdrop, a softbox or two, and a helping hand from a designer to whip it all together—luckily we have a couple of those kickin’ about.

Here’s a few side-by-sides so you can tell us who wore it best and a full version right here.

Asa as Fuller the bed-wetter
Euan as Johnny from “Angels with Filthy Souls”
Dexter as Buzz’s tarantula
Lorna as the Central Park Pigeon Lady
Pete as Marv the burglar
Findlay as Macaulay Culkin
Keenan as Old Man Marley
Emma as mannequin window lady
Hannah as Kate McCallister
Stephen as Harry the burglar
Fraser as Buzz McCallister
Andrew as Shabby Santa
Raymond as The Plaza Hotel Bellman
Jill, Daisy, Stephanie, Jade, and Emma as Megan, Linnie, Tracy, and Sondra
Pam as Shabby Santa’s Elf
Dave as Gus Polinski, the “Polka King of the Midwest”
Steven as Peter McCallister
Lewis as Uncle Frank
Stephanie as Aunt Leslie
Mike as the police officer
Sian as The Plaza Hotel Desk Clerk
Sophie as a Basketball Star cardboard cut-out

Bonus – Behind the scenes!

Drawing skills—we have them.
Old Man Marley
The Plaza Hotel Bellman
Aunt Leslie
Pigeon Lady

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