From creative awards to our Sniffrr App and a partnership with Google’s Digital Garage, here are the best bits of 2016.

The confetti may have settled on 2016, but that doesn’t mean we’re about to let this fat lady sing. Last year was even better than the one before, and we’re all kinds of giddy waiting to see what’s coming around the corner (hopefully it involves cake on some level—or many levels). So don your party blower and pointy hat—here’s what we got up to in 2016!


Awards, awards, awards

That’s three to be exact. First up was a Chip Shop Award for the “Best Use of Tech For Tech’s Sake” for Sniffrr App (think Shazam for your nose). Next up was from The Drum Scottish Creative Awards for the Scottish Canals website we lovingly designed. Lastly, from Marketing Society Scotland, was an award for “Agency Employer Brand of the Year“. High fives all round, team!

Stephanie and Jade are presented The Drum's Chip Shop Awards for

"Agency Employer Brand of the Year" from the guys at Marketing Society Scotland


Glasgow’s Google Digital Garage—we’re partners!

If you didn’t know, the Google Digital Garage is a programme by the folks at Google that travels to cities all over the world to share knowledge and get people thinking with their digital caps on—and we’re partners! Since the start of November, we’ve hosted talks with social media influencers on how to grow your audience as well as a talk on the future of virtual reality in business.

…and we’re not done yet—next week our very own social media guides to the galaxy will take folks on a cosmic tour through creating effective social media marketing campaigns, developing a social media content plan, and overall best practices. More on that here.

founder of madebrave, Andrew Dobbie with Peter Barron, VP of Communications and Public Affairs at Google UK.


New faces by the buckets

When it comes to making introductions, you know how we do. We brought on more MadeBravers this year than any other (and we’re about to bring on seven more!). Here are a few of our favourite first day snaps.

MadeGadgets 2.0

Anyone who says games are just for kids has never had an HTC Vive (or even a Playstation VR) strapped to their head. Besides, VR’s well on its way to being used in just about any industry you can think of—from news to fashion, even food (we really like food).

Silicon Valley with Cross Creative 

We could hardly contain our excitement when we heard our Andrew was on his way to the Mecca for tech geeks and design nerds (aka, Silicon Valley—the magical land of companies like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and Pixar). Most who’ve travelled to the Golden State return home with grand stories of sunshine, surf and a suitcase full of sand, flip flops, and In-N-Out Burger sauce splodged on their t-shirt. We’re not saying that didn’t happen, but Andrew also brought back something even more valuable.

cross creative scotland

Thanks to everyone for making 2016 a year to remember! (you know who you are) Want to get involved this year? Let’s have a chat!

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