Traditionally, for many businesses, wishing clients season’s greetings would involve sending a Christmas themed card, maybe a box of Roses or Quality Street, or even a bottle of fizz. All nice. All pretty boring.

So when we came to think about how we wanted to express happy holidays to our awesome clients, we immediately knew we wanted to do something different. Something brave.

Hmmmm, something brave. For Christmas. What do people do at Christmas? Make merry and have fun. By having Christmas parties. By playing games at Christmas parties. And with that eureka moment, we realised we had only one option — to make our very own game for customers to play at their office Christmas parties.

Brave or bullsh*t? No, it’s true, we did make our own game and that was even the name of it! A card based game, someone reads one out from their hand of cards. On the card is a statement, starting with ‘I’ve …’, and ending with an action ie: I’ve led a conga. The rest of the players have to decide if the person has actually done that statement, and is therefore telling the truth, or if they are lying.

It’s designed to find the brave ones from the… well, you get the idea. And as the text on the game box says, ‘’it will test your relationships, you may even find out long held secrets about your colleagues that could make things a little awkward in the office.”

This world belongs to the brave, after all.

As it turns out, in making the cards we made it a little awkward in our own office! All of the team at MadeBrave helped come up with the statements, which resulted in us finding a few things out about our fellow MadeBravers! (Although we never did find out who had spent time on a nudist beach.)

Simple, easy to play (remember, it’s aimed the office Christmas party goers who more than likely have had a tipple. Or two.) and hand designed, to say it merely went down well with our clients would be bullsh*t. It went down a storm!

“Thank you to you and the team at MadeBrave for the Christmas gift that you sent through, it is fantastic!”

“Thanks a lot for the gift! (might need to hide it from HR though :-))”

“We received the Christmas gift from MadeBrave yesterday, should make for an interesting lunchtime game tomorrow!”

“Thanks for the gift yesterday, looks like fun!”

It is fair to say that this Christmas we spread a little more than festive cheer, we spread a bit of bravery too.

Want to do something brave with your brand in 2019? Get in touch!

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