Fortune favours the bold at the Business Stream/Glasgow Chamber of Commerce #BeBolder event at CitizenM, Glasgow.

We like to think we’re pretty bold (brave even) so when we were invited to the #BeBolder event to launch Business Stream’s ‘Fortune Favours the Bold’ white paper, we couldn’t wait to pop along. Apart from the fact there was a spread of bacon butties and croissants to tuck into, we were really interested in hearing from the speakers, including Johanna Dow from Business Stream, Rob Woodward from STV and this guy called Andrew Dobbie who founded a creative agency called Made-something (oh wait, that’s us!) The paper is a detailed insight into why being bold in business works; why the likes of Apple, or Virgin or Dyson – at the end of the day – provide the same thing as others in their field, but are ahead leaps and bounds when it comes to success. Based on their research, Business Stream found that bold organisations are:

What was clear from all three speakers, is that boldness has no boundaries – you don’t have to be in a certain sector to think outside the box. Being bold means different things for different businesses, but the one thing they have in common is that they decide to do things differently from everyone else.

If you want to get your hands on the Fortune Favours the Bold white paper, you have to first complete a challenge. It’s nothing to worry about, no Hunger Games-esque fight to the end,  in fact it’s not a challenge at all. All you need to do is answer a few questions to see where your business sits on the boldness barometer – we came out as strong and brave (fancy that!)

business stream be bolder

 Thank you to Business Stream and the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce for having us (and for the croissants).

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