When does being bold in business bring success?

It’s a question that caught our attention, simply because it’s something we can relate to. Scotland’s largest provider of water services, Business Stream, approached our Andrew to talk at the launch of their ‘Bold’ white paper, which takes place on Thursday 21st May at the Citizen M Hotel.

The event is all about why it’s important to be bold (and brave – wink wink) when it comes to business. Speakers include Johanna Dow, Chief Executive of Business Stream, Rob Woodard, Chief Executive of STV and of course, our Andrew Dobbie, Heed Honcho of MadeBrave®.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration to make your business stand out from the crowd (and enjoy a nice breakfast – yep, there’s food too) then book your ticket online to join us for the Business Stream: Fortune Favours the Bold event on Thursday 21st May at the Citizen M Hotel, Glasgow.

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