Wahoooo – we won a Chip Shop Award for our Clucks to Bucks video!

We’re big fans of pranks around here, so April Fool’s always has a big teal circle around it in the MadeBrave calendar. Every year, we get our creative muscles flexing to out-do ourselves, and let’s just say, this year took home the bacon (well, chicken …well, an award) with our ‘Clucks to Bucks: The science behind farm animals and productivity in the workplace’ video.  It also just so happened to take home a Chip in the ‘Best Shameless Self Promotion‘ category at The Drum Chip Shop Awards this year – yipeeee!

“It’s not every day you take home a chip, but then again, it’s not every day you have live chickens in the studio. The Chip Shop Awards are all about creativity without limits, which, as a brief, is right up our street. We’re chuffed to bits to have won again, and can’t wait for this year’s chip to take pride of place next to last year’s” – Andrew Dobbie, Our Director/Head Honcho/Resident Poultry Whisperer

Unfortunately, we were unable to head down to the awards in London this year, but it was chicken suppers all round in the studio to celebrate. As always, there were loads of chip-worthy entries this year, so here’s a few of our favourites…

Department for Transport | Latitude Digital Marketing | Best Use of Honesty

*Immediately Googles  ‘safest helmet in the land’*


Instagram |Really B2B | Best ad from the future

The future never looked so bright! Still holding out for the Ray-bans version though.


Volvo | Freelance | Best use of an animal

Volvo, over here! We hope they make this happen.

Senokot | Jelly | Best ad without a headline

Tell you what, it was hard to choose only five, but we just couldn’t let this one go.


United Nations World Water Day | David Holcroft | Best Charity Ad

There’s no such thing as a free lunch and turns out, there’s no such thing as a free bottle of water either. No wonder this picked up the Grand Prix.


What were your favourites from The Chip Shop Awards? Tell us on Twitter (psst – you’ll find us @madebrave)

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