Washing our hands is good and all, but what else can we do?

Imagine your entire workforce was off sick for two weeks. For most small to medium-sized businesses, this would lead to doors being closed for good. In the wake of coronavirus, we need to think of creative ways to protect our people and our jobs. So how can we do that?

As a business leader, the safety of my people is top priority – followed closely by seeing our clients grow and prosper. We’re their trusted agency partner, and that means supporting them to thrive – something particularly important at a time like this, when there’s so much uncertainty, fear and panic.

Andrew Dobbie, Our Founder

(Three) dream teams

[UPDATE 13/3/20 – Our team has gone 100% remote. Check out our top tips for remote working]

As a business, we don’t usually err on the side of caution—we’re more about risk and reward—but not when it comes to taking care of our people. The advice we’re getting just now is to wash our hands (and that’s great advice!) but here at MadeBrave, we wanted to be a bit more proactive, so to protect both our team and the businesses we work with, we’re making the most of our remote working capabilities.

With clients all over the globe, and a well-used flexi-time policy, we’re used to working in different buildings, cities and even countries without any problems. So really, our solution is just an extension of that.

We’ve split our agency into three groups. Each group is made up of people from different teams, such as design, strategy, marketing, social media, copywriting, project management, and more—ensuring a full skillset is available at any one time:

  1. Team one will be in the studio for the next two weeks
  2. Team two will be working remotely those two weeks, then switching with team once the fortnight is up
  3. Our third team is made up of our more vulnerable people—whether that’s due to having underlying health conditions themselves or living with those who do. They’ll be working totally remotely, to avoid any risk of infection.

What about you?

Yep, our shiny new studio space might feel quiet for a wee while (cue tumbleweed) but we’re still here (and everywhere). If you need a creative helping hand to help boost your business, get in touch.

We’ve also got some top tips on working from home. Check it out!

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