This is the story of a wise man (let’s call him Steven, because that’s his name), who in November 2013 binned boring CV’s and online portfolios to knock our proverbial socks off and apply for the position of MadeBrave® Design Director….

One cold winters day,  a cardboard box was delivered to Studio 404 (our home in South Block), marked for the attention of one Andrew Dobbie.

Ooohing and aaahing, we huddled round Andrew’s Mac, keen to see what this box may contain.

Upon opening, we withdrew a MadeBrave branded cool bag, marked ‘Creative Mind for Transplant’, and inside, in amongst a sea of little foam bubbles (look like ice, get it?) was a wind up brain, with a tag attached reading ‘Match for Design Director, MadeBrave’.

Accompanying the cool bag was a well presented portfolio and cover letter, printed on a lovely stock (210sgm silk paper, should any of you fellow paper geeks want to know), all tied in with the ‘brain for transplant’ theme.

Now you know that amount of effort and creative demonstration is deserving of attention, so along came Steven Hadden (who we still often refer to as Brain Boy), for an interview, and his real brain was as impressive as his wind-up toy one – needless to say he now has a place in Casa MadeBrave as Design Director.

Moral of the story, dear friends, is that if you can stand out from the crowd, and use your creativity before you even get the job, you might just find yourself in the role that your really want to be in.

We’re not done growing our team of MadeBravers…and we hope to see more flexing of creativity arriving on our desks soon. Hint, Hint.

MadeBrave® are currently recruiting for a new Graphic Designer position, for more info on the role, see here. 

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