So we couldn’t help ourselves, we had to join in April fools day and since it’s after 12pm we have to tell you (booooo).

We definitely managed to fool some of you with our Coca-Cola Debrand job, showcasing their new ‘invisible’ (aka blank) cans to help them stand out in the drinks cabinets. We can just see your faces screwing up and you thinking ‘what the heck are they up to now? Bonkers lot.’

Some of you were just too darn clever though and figured us out right away though (clever clogs.) To be fair, a 500% sales increase was quite a figure to just pluck out the air and if that was real man alive we’d be wanting some profit from that!

Also, for the record, although ‘Debrand is the new Rebrand’ is a catchy little quote, this does not represent our genuine feelings and recommendations.

Thanks to our honorary MadeBraver Lynn for helping us out by posting a fake ‘found your blank cans’ picture on our Facebook and Twitter. You’re a real team player, McGarry!

There are some other crackin’ April Foolsies listed on The Guardian.

Until next April 1st, friends…

Kidding. We’re on here all the time there’s no way we’ll manage to stay quiet for an entire year. Pfft.

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