What can we expect the design world to look like in the next 12 months? Our arty folk weigh in.

You might have read our blog on social media predictions for 2016 (and if you haven’t, feel free to give it a nosey) so it made sense (as a bunch of creative types) to make use of the hours we’ve spent sharing our favourite bits and bobs on Slack and do a bit of trend forecasting. Here, our Designers weigh in to predict what the next 12 months holds for design…

Fluid Branding

Jade MacFarlane, Graphic Designer

Designers and clients are gradually treating brands as fluid entities and not just a single brand mark. We’ll see dynamic brand marks that have multiple variations used in alternation. By “dynamic” I don’t mean different layouts of the components that make a logo (like symbol and typography); I mean logos that have different forms, like a varying symbol or using the letters within the logo to create different shapes. I think we’ll also see animated logos much more on websites and Facebook. This might seem a little obvious but it’s not something that you’ll often see on the average website at the moment. These animations could be a subtle blinking logo in the main navigation of a website or a more complex logo animation used as a Facebook profile picture. In my opinion we’re going to see a rise in companies really utilising animated logos, particularly with Facebook profile pictures.

fluid branding


Overall, I believe that dynamic and animated logos have largely been influenced by ever-advancing UI/UX design. I’m predicting that more big household name brands will rebrand with simplified logos and flat colour. We’ve already seen this in big tech brands like Microsoft, Spotify and Google (especially their material design) lead the way with such rebrands over the past few years — but I think flat design will really branch out and influence wider commercial companies. I feel like each year the design aesthetics of print and digital become more and more intertwined. This seems to be a result of how much technology has become such a big part of our daily lives, demanding better UI/UX design with it.

The Rise of Cinemagraphs

Asa Rodger, Graphic Designer

In digital and advertising design, I think we’ll see more of a hybrid approach to imagery. Pioneered by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, creating Cinemagraphs isn’t necessarily a new technique, it’s just getting easier to do and platforms are evolving to let them work. It’s essentially an image where part of it moves, or a video where part of it is frozen. I think we’ll see these adapted to ad campaigns and looping social media vids more and more.


Stripped Back Aesthetics

David Shearon, Junior Graphic Designer

I think for 2016, minimalistic design will be quite a big thing in terms of designs being stripped right back. Using good use of white space and clean design allows more attention to detail and more importantly the brand or product. However, this works better with some brands & products compared to others as I think it depends on how established the brand is. In saying that, there is the risk of something looking ‘too plain’ and ‘boring’ so it’s all about getting the balance right. One London based designer, Mehmet Gozetlik experimented with the concept and stripped back some brands packaging. It’s interesting how they differ — again some work better than others – but there’s a certain ‘limited edition’ feel to them.

stripped back design

 Eco-Friendly Design

 Emma Faulkner, Graphic Designer

With a huge  focus on global warming, I think we’ll see a massive rise in eco-focussed design. Ocean plastics were last year’s material of choice, with Pharrell Williams using it for a range of clothing, Adidas applying it to trainers and artists using it for sculptures. It leads the way for a revival in using recycled products across all aspects of designs for fashion, interiors, architecture and graphic design.

eco design

 What are your thoughts on design in 2016? If you need a hand with your brand (hey, that rhymed!) get in touch (we promise to have biscuits when you come to visit)

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