Our digi-team’s compiled quite a script for what’s up next

If you’ve been following along for the last couple weeks, you’ll know that we’ve already got social media and design predictions covered—and that we’re looking not too shabby in the stretchy trousers department these days (that’s double the yoga and half the shortbread since New Years). Up next is a couple un-coded messages from our developer-types (aka people that make the internet) on what we’ll see next in digital.


Inclusive Accessibility 

Lewis Dorigo, Web Developer

Over the past couple of years, developers have been diving head first into new technologies and frameworks that have enabled all kinds of immersive web experiences. One group that’s mostly been left behind, however, are those who rely on assistive technologies such as screen-readers and braille displays.

For the most part, these assistive technologies don’t work well with all the whizz-bang stuff that’s become so popular on the web these days. For this group, most find using these websites difficult and frustrating; or at worst, can’t use the website at all.

In 2017 I expect accessibility will take on a regained importance in web development, which will make the web a better, more inclusive place.

digital prototyping tools

Prototyping Tools and Improved UX

Daisy Swain, Digital Designer

Over the last year or so, prototyping tools have been adopted by plenty of designers in order to change and enhance their workflows. The development of these tools will no doubt continue into 2017 and beyond, bridging the gap between design and development. With the introduction of XD, Adobe are bringing prototyping to the masses. As this type of software gains momentum, those who haven’t already explored or integrated these methods will find it even easier to do so.

In visual terms, we’re likely to see more varied and interesting layouts in response to the flat design trends of previous years. Some feel this has left web design in a very formulaic place, particularly with the implementation of new CSS grids (coming soon!).

Simplified navigation will also be championed (to the relief of designers and users everywhere!). With big household names like IKEA and ASDA leading the charge, we’ll see cleaner, more concise navigation, and improved user experience for the ever-increasing number of mobile users—forecasted to be 75% this year!


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