This month our Heed Honcho Andrew was delighted to be invited to join Glasgow Chamber of Commerce’s Council of Directors.

MadeBrave joined Glasgow Chamber of Commerce in 2013 and has since benefited from networking and marketing opportunities, awards and events. It’s fair to say we’ve become good buddies with many people from the Chamber team – sponsoring their events (such as Think Digital Scotland), speaking at breakfast meetings and offering our design and branding services across various departments.

Andrew was therefore suitably chuffed to be asked to play a part in the Chamber, and is looking forward to meeting regularly with the other members from the Council of Directors. He’ll be joining a number of prominent business people who work across various industries and have different interests and opinions. As a proud Glasgow business owner, it’s a great platform for Andrew to get involved in conversations about doing business in our great city. You can check out Andrew’s biography (and see who else is a member of the Council of Directors) on the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce’s website. 

In the meantime, Andrew and the rest of team MadeBrave will likely be at various other Glasgow Chamber of Commerce events – so if you’re a fellow member, we look forward to seeing you there.

 Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

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