The very first Glug Glasgow kicked off with a masterclass on social media (and we got to be hostesses with the mostesses)

Glug events started in 2007 with a handful of mates in an East London pub. Today, it has become one of the most exciting events in the biz, gathering creatives together  in all corners of the globe –  from Amsterdam, to Sydney and Dubai and now our very own Glasgow. A few months ago, Mariela Albornoz, your friendly Glug Glasgow representative, came to us about the first event and asked if we fancied hosting it here and chatting a bit about social media (which, alongside VR, burritos and aliens, is one of our favourite things to talk about).

glug-glasgowA few weeks later, we were joined by speakers Gary Birnie from Frame, Tala Byrne from Dog, Stephen Dewar from Trinity Mirror and over 90 other creatives from all over Glasgow and beyond, packed into one room to geek out about social media and drink tasty treats from Finnieston Distillery and Innis and Gunn. So what did they speak about? Well, funny you should ask.

Yes, it was as good as it sounds. Actually, it was better. A big mahoosive round of applause to the speakers, to everyone for putting the event together and to all you lot on social with super speedy-thumbs for getting #glugglasgow to trend on Twitter (you’d almost think it was an event about social media or something).

glug events

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