Google Digital Garage is rolling up in Glasgow and we’re over the moon to be one of the Official Partners.

Park your bums and lend an ear, Google Digital Garage is coming to Glasgow. The pop-up in the Mitchell Library will be a hub for one-to-one training and digital masterclasses to start-ups and scale-ups in Scotland. For those who are new to Digital Garage, it’s a programme by the folks at Google that travels to cities all over the world to share knowledge and get people thinking with their digital caps on.

chipboard panel with the words, grow your digital skills today, painted upon it in blue writing
Love a bit of chipboard, so we do.

Google’s own research indicates that more than 90% of future jobs will require increased digital literacy and that small companies can grow twice as fast when they have a strong web presence. Of businesses who have previously attended other Google Garages in UK city locations like Leeds and Birmingham, 88% of respondents say they have changed the way they run or promote their business online and 68% have seen recorded results in terms of increased sales and bookings (if that’s not a reason to get thinking about digital, we don’t know what is).

boy with glasses who works as a googler at the launch of google's digital garage event in Glasgow
This is Francis, he’s a Digital Consultant at Google Digital Garage (and our new pal) Hey Francis!

When we heard that Google (Google!!!) were coming to Glasgow, we knew we had to get involved. A few weeks and Tunnock’s Tea Cakes later, we’ve worked with the guys at Digital Garage to create a series of training workshops that we’ll be delivering throughout the next few months (stay tuned!)

“This is a really exciting time for our home town and it’s great to see global giants like Google investing in the digital community here. Partnerships and collaboration play a huge part in how we grow at MadeBrave – from Kiltwalk and TEDx, to Scottish EDGE and now Google, we’re proud to be a part of it all” – Andrew Dobbie, Founding Director of MadeBrave

Today we went along to the launch to join the part and welcome Google to Glasgow. Here’s some snaps we took at the event:

bailie philip bratt of glasgow city council speaking on a podium
Bailie Philip Bratt of Glasgow City Council
man looks through Google cardboard virtual reality head set
Our Mike taking Google cardboard for a spin.
Peter Barron, VP of Communications & Public Affairs of Google, E.M.E.A
Peter Barron, VP of Communications & Public Affairs of Google, EMEA
madebrave logo on a board with fellow partner logos of Google Digital Garage Glasgow
There we are! Chuffed to be working with an amazing team of partners for Google’s Digital Garage.
Google digital garage logo on a presentation screen
It’s here! Google are popping up in the Mitchell Library.
Keith Brown, M.S.P, speaking on a podium at the Google Digital Garage launch event in Glasgow
Keith Brown, MSP
Google logo with a virtual reality set in place of the two O's in Google.
Have you tried Google cardboard yet?

Keep an eye out on the Digital Garage Glasgow page for upcoming courses -see you there!

Psst – down here! If you fancy getting in on all the Google in Glasgow chat, head to Twitter and join the conversation with #DigitalGarage.

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