Our Andrew joins Entrepreneurial Spark, Cosneta and the Royal Bank of Scotland on stage at the Apple Store.

If you’ve ever visited Casa MadeBrave® (or had a wee snoop at the photos) you might have noticed we’re big Apple fans here (note: on this occasion, we’re talking about the tech variety – but we’re big advocates of healthy snacking too). Anyway, when we were invited along to do a talk on ‘Why It’s Important to Have a Digital Presence’ at the Entrepreneurial Spark ‘Hatching a Business Plan’ event held in the Apple Store on Buchanan Street (aaannd breathe) we jumped at it faster than you can say ‘iPod Shuffle’ (sure it’s been a while, but we’re feeling nostalgic, so bear with us). Here are a few snaps from the night…

*Star Wars Theme Music*
Andrew and his Britney mic (oops he did it again!)
Hi, Apple? Yeah, we’ll take one in every colour.

Well done to all the speakers and a big thanks to the guys at Entrepreneurial Spark and Apple for having us! If you’d like Andrew or a member of the MadeBrave team to talk at one of your events, don’t be shy! Get in touch.

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