We welcomed Jamie Genevieve, Richard Davies, Markus Stitz and our very own Andrew Dobbie to the Google Digital Garage to talk about influencers, influencing and building an influential following (phew!)

What do a makeup artist, the founder of a clothing company and a round-the-world single speed cyclist all have in common? Turns out, quite a bit (who’d a thunk it, eh?) Following our first VR geek-out/event with Google Digital Garage, we got to strutting our social media stuff to chat about ‘How to Get Likes and Influence People’. And who better to talk about influencers and social media than real life influencers themselves? Yep, that’s what we were thinking too.

andrew dobbie on stageFollowing our Andrew (who talked all about using social media to build a business) we had Richard Davies from Abandon Ship Apparel. For those who haven’t jumped aboard Abandon Ship, they’re an alternative lifestyle clothing label based right here in Scotland with a mahoosive global social media following. This is thanks to their mix of brand and personal content –  that person being Rich, their Founder/Captain/Social Media Manager/Chief Taco Taster and the all-doors-open, everyone welcome brand he has built with the A.S.A team at the helm.

Richard Davies, the Founder of Abandon Ship Apparel on stage doing a presentationNext up, we had Markus Stitz, a blogger, photographer and content creator who has recently cycled around the world on a single speed bike (meanwhile, we’re struggling to get rid of all the Quality Street wrappers in the studio). Documenting his journey, he has amassed a large social media following and become a key influencer within the cycling community. Taking to the Google Digital Garage stage, he talked all about his travels, challenges and taking everyone along for the bike ride. 

Markus Stitz, Blogger and round-the-world cyclist on stage doing a presentationRounding up the speakers, we welcomed Jamie Genevieve on stage, a Glasgow-based make-up artist and YouTuber who, in the last 2 years, has grown her personal super-brand to an audience of almost 1 million followers. This has propelled her to international fame and she has worked with a number of brands including, Illamasqua, Tarte Cosmetics and NYX cosmetics – phew! 

Make up artist and YouTuber, Jamie Genevieve, on stage doing a presentationTo top it all off, we got our Graham Norton on to ask a few questions and have a natter with all of the speakers. Luckily, our pals at The Scotsman were there to catch it all on Facebook Live (so if you didn’t manage to come along but fancy feeling like you were, give it a watch!)

panel of speakers on stage at Google Digital Garage

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