Combining Britain’s favourite tipple with its favourite way to start the day…

Over the years, we’ve worked with loads of amazing drink brands – from Springbank and Peatreekers, to Hunter Laing, Bunnahabhain and Eden Mill (phew!). This year, we were approached by the masterminds at the Greasy Spoon Distillery Co to bring their ginnovation to life: Full Breakfast Gin.

If you’ve ever felt that all-too-familiar hunger pang for a roll and egg, sausage and tattie scone after a night out on the tiles, this revolution in the gin tasting experience hits the spot before your hangover even sets in. In fact, it has been known to cure hangovers up to 70% faster than traditional methods*, thanks to its unique blend of botanicals and breakfast. Pretty incredible huh?

*60% of the time, it works every time.

bloody mary cocktail with full breakfast garnish

We worked with Greasy Spoon to develop their whole brand, including logo, visual style, tone of voice, messaging and of course, packaging.

“It’s exactly how we envisioned it and more – the way the gold foil compliments the infusion sausage is truly, truly spectacular and real feast for the eyes.” Bradford James Farquhar MacDonald (The Third), Founder of the Greasy Spoon Distillery Co.

bottle of gin with sausage floating in it. The label says breakfast gin.

After developing the brand, it was time to launch. We worked with the Greasy Spoon crew to bring it to life in a campaign for social media, press, TV, print and cinema, to name but a few.

For us, it was really about highlighting the science that goes behind developing a gin with such a unique flavour profile and of course, showcasing how the gin can be applied to cocktails and social situations that are tailored for each and every individual.

woman cooking sausages and bacon on a hot plate

For us, this has been a dream project and we couldn’t be more excited if we *ahem* fried. Stay tuned for Full Breakfast Gin coming to specialist gin retailers and cafs near you from April 1st.

fake vegan cocktail with baked beans

“Forget the olive – sausage martinis are where it’s at” – Gavin, Manchester

“I’ve never been more attracted to a bottle of gin in my life” – David Cameron, Ex-Prime Minister

“As a vegan, I thought I’d miss out on Full Breakfast Gin (I even considered reverting back to meat) but luckily, they brought out a vegan version. Did I mention I was vegan?” – Hannah, Glasgow

Okay, you got us! Here’s how we brought this year’s April Fools prank to life…

Following last year’s ‘Clucks to Bucks Ratio’ and our ‘Sniffrr app’ the year before, April Fools has always been a biggie for us (like a second Christmas, but less presents). Armed with a camera, a frying pan and a breakfast pack, here’s a look behind the scenes of our Full Breakfast Gin shoot…

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