We know you’re probably aware (largely because we got a little overexcited last week and posted like crazies on Facebook and Twitter), but we’ve launched an online store – MadeBrave® Originals!

Want to know the story behind it?

Well being complete design geeks, we love offering our clients tokens of design affection in the form of MadeBrave® branded Moleskine notebooks and KeepCups. And because a moleskine® shared is a friend gained (ok we totally just made that up, but stationery geeks do tend to get along) we also gave these away regularly on our Facebook page. Before we knew it, people were asking if they could buy these things and that planted a lightbulb (always a dangerous thing to do to creatives)! So, fast forward to now, July 2015 and we’ve done it, we’ve opened an online store in the form of MadeBrave® Originals, a new company launched in Glasgow by us (funnily enough).

Shop Now: MadeBrave Originals

We wanted our products to reflect some of the cool, original, creative and fearless people we’ve met on our agency journey so far. And we wanted to establish a brand that would let us be creative (and ok a little bit random when we choose). So as well as the classic range of tees and moleskines sporting the MadeBrave® logo, we’ve also launched a signature range, which is designed in collaboration with said people. The first of which, is done in collaboration with three amazing champion MMA UFC Fighters – JoJo Calderwood, Robert Whiteford and Steven Ray.

Joanne Calderwood Signature Range T-Shirt Robert Whiteford Signature Range T-Shirt Stevie Ray Signature Range T-Shirt

We launched the online store last week, and we reckon it must have been lucky, because the JoJo, Robert and Steven all won their respective fights in front of a Glasgow audience during the weekend at UFC in The SSE Hydro. Congrats guys!

You can shop tees and moleskines now – and if you’re wearing one don’t forget to send us a cheeky wee selfie. Careful if you’re buying the signature range though, we’ve heard it instantly boosts bravery and drive on contact with skin – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

It’s just the beginning for MadeBrave® Originals and we’re pretty excited at what’s next.

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