The MadeBrave® family is growing – say hello to MadeDigital™

It seemed like yesterday we introduced MadeSocial™ to the world, but now we welcome MadeDigital™ to the MadeBrave® family – our geeky, tech-obsessed brother.

So, what is MadeDigital™?

We’ve offered digital services for a while now (pretty much since day dot) but as the team is growing as such a exponential rate, it makes sense to house everything in the one place. Not only is our team growing, but so are the services we offer as a digital company:

What does this mean for MadeBrave®?

Basically, it means we’re growing! Don’t worry, we’re not all going our separate ways – MadeSocial™ and MadeDigital™ are simply extensions of MadeBrave®. What this means for you, as a business, is that your digital, design and social media is done in the one place, by the same team who are just a few steps away from each other. Simples!

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Get in touch!

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