The creator economy is growing faster than ever, but if content creators want to work with bigger brands and further their careers, growing an engaged audience may not be enough—and that’s where our CreatorMashup comes in.

What is the CreatorMashup?

The CreatorMashup is an event series for professional content creators who have already grown their following and found their niche but are looking to grow their business, meet their peers, and uncover new opportunities.

Last night’s event featured an all-star lineup of top content creators sharing their insights, strategies, and more than a few actionable takeaways.

photo of people listening to Andrew Dobbie at the creatormashup

Our Speakers

headshot and collage of work by Millie Graham, aka ‘whatsername1.0’

With nearly 3 million followers across TikTok and Instagram, Millie Graham, aka ‘whatsername1.0’ is a content creator based here in Scotland but she’s also well-known internationally for her multi-talented cosplay and makeup content but mainly for her unique brand of short-form comedy.

Millie was interviewed by our Head of PR, Claire Scullion, to get to find out how she got her start. Millie also shared some great insights on her creative process and what content creators can do to produce better content and grow their following.

headshot and collage of work by Ash Jones

Ash is the Founder at personal branding agency, Great Influence, and has helped build personal brands for some of the UK’s biggest names in business including CEO of PrettyLittleThing, Umar Kamani, Huel Founder, Julian Hearn, and most notably, Social Chain CEO, Steven Bartlett whose award-winning podcast, ‘Diary Of A CEO‘ garners over 10 million downloads per month.

Ash talked us through the idea that culture is currency, encouraging creators to move content from the screen into real life (like he did last year, documenting his team’s surprise trip to Ibiza), and that creators should look for ways to promote their content beyond standard channels and think of ways to get in front of new audiences.

headshot and collage of work by Conzo Throb

Conzo is a Scottish street artist and illustrator with a unique and colourful style. He’s well-known throughout the UK, especially for a recent fake Banksy he created in collaboration with his creative counterpart, Ciarán Glöbel, ahead of Banksy’s solo exhibition at the GoMA.

Conzo took us through his portfolio of some of his best work and reiterated how important it is for creators to stick to their art no matter what. Conzo and Ciarán also created all of the incredible artwork, illustrations, stickers, and animations for the night, which we couldn’t have been happier with!

CreatorMashup stickers including masher, spoon, and mash potato character

And that’s not all

Three lucky winners won gift bags from us including prizes from our main event partner, Insta360, including an Insta360 X3, an Insta360 GO3, and an Insta360 Flow stabilizer.

photo of two women and a man, all winners of the creatormashup insta360 contest

True to our cheeky mashup theme, we served up delightful bangers & mash with drinks to boot, including from our drinks sponsor, Dookit Brewing.

photo of a Chef serving bangers and mash

It’s also worth mentioning prior to the event, we mailed out 20 gift boxes to some of our favourite content creators. Each box was stuffed with goodies like a CreatorMashup tote, sticker pack, a bottle of Dookit Lager, and—a potato, of course, complete with Mr Potato Head pieces to build and share!

photo of the CreatorMashup invite box with stickers, mr potato head pieces, and a potato that has

And the best part? We were able to raise £250 for We Are Here Scotland and The Creator’s Fund, which provides BPoC artists and creatives with funding opportunities to help them progress in their professional development.

Thanks so much to our speakers, event partners, and to everyone who came out. See you at the next one!

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photo of Millie Graham, aka ‘whatsername1.0’ speaking
photo of two young women posing in front of the creatormashup step and repeat wall
photo of ash jones speaking
photo of a person holding a yellow creatormashup tote
photo of people chatting at the creatormashup
photo of the madebrave neon sign
photo of people listening to Keenan Erwin at the creatormashup
photo of people chatting at the creatormashup
photo of Millie Graham with Keenan Erwin
photo of people listening to a speaker at the creatormashup
photo of the three creatormashup speakers
photo of a man and woman posing in front of the creatormashup step and repeat wall

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