We’re movin’ on up and movin’ on out to The Albus building in Bridgeton, Glasgow. 

It seemed like yesterday we were moving MadeBrave® into Studio 404 in South Block, but this time there’s going to be a lot more heavy lifting – so much so, we’re thinking of hiring the Hulk to come in and give us a hand. We will miss our South Block home, and our friends at Wasps Artist Studios, who have been so amazing and supportive – but as of April 17th, we’ll be packing-a-Mac (plus 19 others) and heading to our new HQ. Back in the day, Studio 404 was an oasis of space for our team of three, but fast forward a few years and we now have 19 MadeBravers – it’s starting to border that fine line between cosy creative space and a tin of sardines; so we’re movin’ on up and movin’ on out. Sorry if you now have that classic M People song in your head!


Our new home is the award winning design by JM Architects called ‘The Albus’ in Glasgow’s Bridgeton area and we’re the first to move in to the building. Our Andrew spent almost 12 months looking for the perfect space before finding our new home: “The Albus is great – it just feels very MadeBrave® and as you can guess, we’re excited to put our own creative stamp on it.” We’re currently working with BDG, Studio Joinery and Tojo Design to add a personal touch to the new space which is more than three times the size of our current studio, meaning there’s plenty of room for new MadeBravers and plenty of nick-nacks and interiors to be bought (we’re suckers for good lighting).



The Albus is part of a larger regeneration project by Clyde Gateway to create a buzz around the east end of Glasgow and continue the Commonwealth legacy and we’re really excited to be involved. We’ve been working closely with Fionna Kell who’s the Senior Manager of Inward Investment & Property Marketing at Clyde Gateway, she said:

“I am delighted to welcome MadeBrave® as our first tenant in The Albus. This award-winning building was conceived and designed to attract exactly this kind of creative company and their move is testimony to the entrepreneurial culture of the East End. MadeBrave’s relocation to the area is the latest in a number of firms choosing to establish and grow their business in Clyde Gateway and we look forward to welcoming others”.

Clyde Gateway

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