We like getting our hands on a ‘meaty’ project and this one is exactly that. Athleat came to us to create a two minute animation to explain how the process of their Rep Box works. For those who are new to Athleat, it’s an online supplier of grass fed meats, free range poultry, wild meats, snacks & more to fitties, foodies and families alike. Basically, it’s an extra-meaty version of online shopping – you sign up, choose your meat and it gets delivered to your door. But let’s get things straight, this isn’t just any old meat, this is the best of the best, grass fed, and delivered in state-of-the-art packaging developed by Athleat to keep your meaty goods fresher than the Fresh Prince.

Athleat primarily appeals to fitness fans, but with this animation, they wanted to promote Athleat as a great choice for families and foodies too – when you sign up, you get special deals, recipes, dieticians tips and free gifts, and you don’t even have to do a 5k marathon and round of 1000 one-arm push ups to become a member. Which is just as well, because one arm push ups aren’t really our thing. Instead, we directed their new animation from sketchbook to screen.

Our favourite bit – a good ol’ fashioned doodling sesh.

athleat character sketh

Athleat loved the doodles as much as we did, so we went forward with character development. This little guy went from a naked trainer-enthusiast to a fully-fledged athlete in no time. Naturally, we threw a happy steak in there for good measure, as you do.

After making the characters come to life, developing the script and adding in all the extras  – the Athleat animation was complete! Grab your popcorn and give it a watch…

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