What happens when you let creatives do the colouring in?

Put on by the Scottish Council for Development and Industry and aptly entitled, “Brave new worlds” (not especially for us—but we can dream, eh?). SCDI Forum 2017 was loaded with engaging talks all about growth, wealth, and the future of Scotland.

As well, there was a full-blown exhibition featuring the likes of Shell, STV, The Crowne Estate, Skills Development Scotland, and yours truly. Ours was a creative collaboration with event attendees featuring the live and clever illustrations of Tony McKay. During the exhibition we asked attendees about “Brand Scotland”—as in, “…if Scotland were a brand, what would amazing look like?”. As you can see, more than just a few folks chimed in to let Tony get on with the colouring in.

Our favourite bit? Definitely the time machine train. Wait, the poo-moji claw. No—the bearded “I heart AI” guy hugging the robot, by a mile. Wait…

If you fancy a closeup of the full version, come see it here.

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SCDI Forum 2017 collaborative illustration

Back at the Studio—it’s been repurposed for the entryway!

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