Meet Zac — A 13-year-old entrepreneur with a knack for lip-smacking culinary concoctions

Winner of an Entrepreneurial Spark award, standing 4’ 9” tall and aspiring Hoverboard national champion (give it a month or two) Zac Burinski has just a launched a lip-smackingly delicious array of readymade spice packages that are not only simple to use, but healthier than a kale salad dripping with Pitaya sauce and besprinkled with Goji Berries (and much easier on the uninitiated palate!).

Unfazed after missing an opportunity to work as a paperboy in his home town of Cumnock, Zac donned his Chef’s hat and matching neckerchief, then launched a successful business and immediately started taking orders …well, that’s at least one rumour we overheard. Having decided it was high time we put this old fable (from lunch, yesterday) to rest we thought it high time to sit down with this strapping young lad and get the full story on a level that would make Barbara Walters green with jealous rage.

flava shaka packet sitting in the open mouth shark chair

Real Talk with MadeBrave®
Flava Shaka Hoodie: check. Flava Shaka polo and baseball cap: check. One thing’s for sure when you first meet Zac, or any true entrepreneur for that matter—Zac Burinski is a believer. In every other way, Zac is just like any other school kid, but unlike so many he hasn’t been afraid to roll up his sleeves and build something big.

So what’s this Flava Shake-up we’ve been hearing so much about? How did this all kick off?

My Mum needed to slim down for an operation. On top of daily exercise, she was told she needed to make a sudden change in her diet. See if you look at the labels on all these readymade spice packages for your dinner, what you’ll see is they’re loaded with salt, calories, and allergens that simply aren’t good for you. We were all wanting to eat the same as my Mum to help support her, but it seemed the only option was to just have plain chicken, rice, and veggies most nights. Instead I thought, “What if I just put the same spices together and left out all the junk?”. After a couple days of trial and error, I had my very first mix—Smoked Shredded Mix.

Andrew helps Zac with the hoverboard-ing

And that very moment is when the phones started to ring, is that right?

Ha! No. Some of my friends and family were starting to ask for their own batches, and so I started taking orders over the phone and through my Facebook page. It was right around then that I connected with Frank Gormanley at Entrepreneurial Spark. Frank helped me with everything from designing a new logo and setting up Flava Shaka to distribution and even shooting an advert. Sir Tom Hunter also provided funding for new packaging as at the time I was having to ship spices in plastic tubs, which don’t travel well. I also met Andrew Dobbie from MadeBrave® who offered to give me a tour of the office and help out with some of Flava Shaka brand. Since then I’ve now added Tandoori, Garlic and Chilli, Balti, Salt and Chilli, Southern, and Creole Cajun to the mix.

So we’re hank marvin starvin’ now. When will you have lunch ready for us?

Mum, can you take me to get some chicken?

Andrew, Zac, and Keenan and Flava Shaka goodness

For the latest on Flava Shaka, shake on over (see what we did there?) to Facebook & Twitter. To put an order in for a packet or two (or all seven!) send Zac a message on Facebook or send an email to

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