We might have a new obsession.

Sunglasses inspired by the grey skies of the Scottish Highlands – it doesn’t quite fit, does it? Well, it just so happens to be the story behind Tens, a Scottish-based sunglasses brand started up by four creatives after a trip up north. In their own words “Our filtered lens transforms your view into a a vivid experience full of clarity and colour, making everyday life look and feel ten times better” Clever word play, we love it. Essentially, it’s like wearing Instagram on your face, and by that we mean seeing life through a constant filter, rather than simply walking about with your phone glued to your forehead – that we certainly wouldn’t recommend.

Tens sunglasses

Tens were very kind to gift our Andrew with his very own pair of sunglasses (Classic Compact in black – to be exact) and they’ve become a MadeBrave® favourite (we’ve all been trying them on). The verdict: great fit, clean design and yes, the lens is amazing, it’s like living in an overall better-looking world. They’ve also just launched a brand spanking new collection with an equally epic video, all shot on – wait for it – VHS. It’s like Miami Vice meets Club Tropicana – all the best bits of the 80’s.

It’s amazing to see how fast Tens have grown, having launched through an Indiegogo campaign in May of 2014. As a result, Tens had over £374,218 to build their brand – and built it they have! Just shows you what a great campaign can do.


Make sure to give Tens a follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – bring on summer!

Tens Sunglasses

Tens Sunglasses

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