We’re Apple daft at MadeBrave® (by Apple, we mean the brand, although we do have a penchant for the occasional Granny Smith) so when they announced the Apple Watch (yep, not iWatch) we could feel our hearts racing faster and our bank accounts recoiling in fear. Fast forward a couple of months and our Lewis walked into the office with an even-springier spring in his step and some wrist candy to flash (our heed honcho Andrew is still waiting on his, but whatever you do, don’t mention it in front of him). We grabbed a quick 5 minute chat with Lewis to answer the need-to-know questions about the Apple Watch:

Let’s start with the hard-hitting stuff: What’s the battery life like?

Everyone’s been saying the battery life isn’t great – but to be honest, I’ve only had one occasion where I’ve went home with less than 50%.

Which model did you go for?

I went for the stainless steel case with white sport band –  it’s really comfortable.

What features do you like the most?

I really like the fitness features – you can track how long you’ve been on your feet that day, how many calories you’ve burned etc. Of course, the notifications are the main thing – I’m able to see important texts, emails and social media notifications on my wrist instead of rifling through my pockets to find my phone.

What could be improved?

At times, it can be a bit slow and the app interface is a little small – there are always a few attempts before clicking on the app I intended to open in the first place, but I mainly use the crown at the side of the watch to interact.

An obvious question, but does it tell the time?

Yes it’s like any other watch, except you can also change the face. The Astronomy face is cool – it allows you to see where the planets are placed now and where they’ll be in a few months or years to come:  it also pin points where you are. Day to day, I use the Utility watch face – you can change the colours to suit what you’re wearing.

Overall – how would you rate it?

I’d say 7.5 out of 10. As a first generation model, there’s room to improve – but overall it’s great.


 Hello Apple? It’s MadeBrave® – we’ll have one in every colour. 

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