Travellers, meet your new best pal – the Trtl NapScarf.

Anyone who has ever fallen asleep on a plane will be all too familiar with the effect it has on your neck and shoulders (basically, for the next five hours, you have to move your entire body to have a conversation with anyone who isn’t directly in front of you). Behold the future of public napping – the NapScarf by Trtl. Described as “essential napparatus” for snoozing on the move (clever word play, we like it) the NapScarf is an ergonomically designed product, scientifically proven to hold your neck in a better position than a standard U-shaped travel pillow. We put it to the test over a week and these are the things we like about it most:

Head over to the Trtl website to get your hands on a NapScarf and find out more.

*MadeBrave® are in no way responsible for the consequences of poor performance due to mental absence during work hours.

Trtl Napscarf

Trtl Napscarf
I’m not sleeping, I’m visualising.

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