If you know us you’ll know we’re BIG on company culture but you can’t have culture without connection. So with the world opening back up a bit, and all our recent growth, we wanted to seize the last few days of summer to meet new people on the team, reconnect with everyone else and set a vision for the rest of the year.

Vision Night at Casa MadeBrave

All with a drink in hand and sombreros firmly fitted atop our creative brains (and lateral flow tests done, because well, safety), we kicked things off with heaps of punchy, and inspirational chats from our Andrew Dobbie and department heads, covering everything from where we’ve been to where we’re headed next. And where were we headed next? Straight for the thing all MadeBravers love most—MEXICAN FOOD—and plenty of it!

Once our collective tummies had settled, it was time for a connection session with our pal, Zoë Jarvis. What does that mean exactly? Well, we told brave stories, we laughed, we cried, we learned new things about ourselves (honestly!) and we even ran around in a big circle at one point (you had to be there). In any case, the main thing is that magic happened and we all left that evening feeling inspired, more connected, and excited about the future!

Photo of Lamour, Jade, and Agnes laughing

Getting Medieval

We got up early Saturday to morning rolls and a bright and sunny Glasgow then jumped on a bus up to Duncarron Medieval Village for a bit of medieval swordplay, archery, fire starting, shelter building, foraging, and lochside yoga provided by the incredibly knowledgeable team at Primal Bushcraft & Survival. Then after a bit of lunch and some amazing ice cream from our good friends at Equis, we naturally finished off the day with dinner, drinks, dancing, and singing the night away in a Viking longhouse with the incredibly talented Daniel Docherty

We know what you’re thinking—you wish you could have been there to hear our dulcet tones. And that’s why we captured it, and well, the rest of the entire day in this short film!

Another colouring-in collab

We couldn’t just let a big day like this go by without creating something for everyone to remember it by. That’s we collaborated with Scotland-based artist, illustrator, printer, and painter KMG to create this outdoor and brave-themed illustration for the weekend. Pretty cool, right?

To infinity, and beyond!

The weekend was a huge success! Everyone getting to see each other not just pixel-to-pixel but face-to-face was a breath of fresh air that we all very much needed. It gave us time to look back and reflect on what this team has been able to accomplish and also set a vision for the year ahead!

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