Jumping up and down and high fives all around! We just can’t contain our excitement—and we’re not even going to try.

Working with global drinks company C&C Group means we’ll be busy putting together paid digital and social media strategy, management, and content creation for big brands like Tennent’s, Magners, Heverlee, Menabrea, and Orchard Pig—not to mention managing their websites, apps, and, you know, other techy things. We’ve already got to work on a few campaigns for Tennent’s, and since we’re the lead creative agency for the brand, we’ll be smooshing together our collective creative MadeBraver brains to come up with bigger and bolder campaign creation, planning, and production (with Our Born Original Group pals-slash-production company, Campfire of course!)

We’re also the lead creative agency for Orchard Pig and have just created a launch campaign for their new Orchard Pig Pink Cider! Hint: it involves a disgruntled army of orchard farmers, a giant pink pig, and well, delicious pink cider — it doesn’t get better than that.

Orchard Pig Pink Cider Launch

Our Andrew Dobbie said: “The C&C account represents one of our biggest and most exciting wins to date. More importantly, we get to work with a great team and a fantastic stable of exciting brands.”

Duncan Frew, Commercial & Marketing Director at C&C Group, said: “It’s an exciting time as we continue to grow our brands throughout the UK, and we are delighted to be partnering with MadeBrave on the journey”

Did we mention we’re delighted as well? With MadeBrave and Campfire joining forces to create Born Original Group, a big fancy new office on the way, and now this — 2019 is turning out to be our biggest and best year yet. To infinity and beyond!

MadeBravers raise a can to Tennent's

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