It’s Official, Highbridge Properties have just unveiled a stunning new satellite business district for Glasgow—right here in our back garden!

After months of having to keep things on the DL (that’s “Down-Low”, folks) you can at last stop your over-the-fence-peeking down at the Shawfield Bridge. This furry feline is at long last out of its kitten carrier! In other words, the cat’s out the bag.

When we were told Magenta would be adding 1.2 Million square feet of office space, we were over the moon. When we were offered a creative partnership, we were back over the moon again! The very best part though (we usually save that for last—like the chip at the bottom with the most gravy on it) is the thousands of new jobs the Magenta Office Park will create, including shops, cafes, a gym, and a business centre (anything with burritos would be appreciated too – just sayin’).

“There are amazing things happening in the east end, which is why we wanted to be here. We’re really excited to work with Clyde Gateway and Highbridge to bring more people over this way and continue to see it grow. It’s always nice to get new neighbours too!” – Andrew Dobbie, Founding Director of MadeBrave.


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