Social Media Across Asia

Carol Chan’s talk revealed the diversity of social media in Asia. She highlighted how Line’s playful mascots in the Burberry collaboration effectively engage Chinese audiences interested in luxury. Meanwhile, the rise of farmer influencers on Douyin, who attract a large following by simply sharing their everyday rural lives. Carol explained that in China, different social groups choose social media platforms that best fit their lifestyles and values. This demonstrates the need to understand local cultures and preferences to market effectively.

AI and Consistent Branding

Jeff Watkins, Chief Product and Technical Officer spoke about how AI, like ChatGPT, can ensure a brand’s voice is the same across all platforms. He used MoneySavingExpert as an example to show how AI is used in the early stages of prototyping digital products to make the content more engaging. Jeff stressed the importance of thinking carefully about when to introduce AI and the need to keep an eye on cybersecurity risks to protect the brand.

Interactive Brands and Fandom

Zoe Scaman explored how brands can become more interactive by connecting with internet fandoms. She introduced the concept of “The Multiplayer Brand,” which has evolved from text and video content to 3D virtual environments. To demonstrate this, Zoe highlighted the Tom Sachs x Nike project, where AI created a video and song in the style of Eminem. She also discussed Nike’s digital product shop, the Nike Swoosh platform, where customers can design their own digital wearables, and how Grimes enables fans to create new music with her voice using Elf Tech.

Creativity Over Budget

Ruchika Kalra from showed that creativity can be more effective than a big budget. She highlighted their Tour de France campaign, which used a simple team car with a cardboard sign instead of a costly, elaborate setup to promote their summer deals. This strategy gained a lot of attention on social media, showing that you don’t need to spend a lot to get good results.

Embracing Digital Innovation

Will Harvey discussed Diageo’s innovation pilot, and how they are trying out new ideas using AI to prototype and design product packaging, which helps visualise products better. He introduced Seedlip Elli AI, a virtual assistant that provides product recommendations and mixology tips.

Harvey also talked about experimenting with AR to create immersive digital experiences for brands like Don Julio, which help identify customer tastes and preferences in store. This shows how digital innovations can help make shopping more personal and enjoyable for people and set new standards in marketing.

Header image credit: Digital Triangle Creative
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