We’ve all been there. You meet someone on Zoom, work with them for months, then you meet them face-to-face for the first time and you almost don’t even recognise them.

Thing is, when you’re doing meetings through a laptop, people are usually sitting down, some people hide their backgrounds, and cameras can be deceiving too. So meeting them in real life for the first time you may find they’re a wee bit taller or smaller than you imagined.

This ever happened to you? Well, it sure happened to us—and in a big, King-Kong-sized way!

So much fee-fi-fo-FUN!

Right, so we unknowingly hired a 50-foot tall giant person. Our first thought? (after a panicked call with the lovely folks at 999, that is) This is AWESOME!

A giant Gameboy, giant sweeties—not to mention getting MadeBrave on the front of every media outlet on the planet. And the best part? No magic beans, no beanstalk climbing, and absolutely no bones were ground to make anybody’s bread!

So what if we used up the whole night’s drink on one cocktail? So what if someone’s car got smashed or if that same person passed out after getting trapped in the loo with a world-record-breaking-ly huge jobbie? (for our international pals – ‘jobbie’ = ‘poo’) We LOVED having a giant person on the team while she was with us. It was so fun while it lasted!

Our ongiong investigation

As for the individual on our team who, well, used a Marvin-the-Martian-style ray gun to banish our beloved giant person to another dimension—please know they have received a VERY stern verbal warning and may even face a written warning if this happens twice more. Three of those and they’re looking at a full ‘disadulation’ (don’t ask—you don’t want to know).

closeup photo of man shooting a ray gun

We’re still investigating who may have supplied the ray gun via Secret Santa, but we do have a few leads:

If you have any tips or information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Behind the Mayhem

Of course, no project of ours would be complete without loooooads of behind the scenes. Would you believe we shot all but one scene in a day and only had the fire department called out once?*

Merry Christmas everyone!

*All of the smoke alarms were temporarily disabled for the smoky giant jobbie scene …except one, and we don’t know why! It wasn’t our fault!
  • a man directs the crew on how to film a shot
  • man about to do a talking head scene
  • tiny rubber hand holds a glass of whisky
  • woman in a trench coat holding a rainbow coloured umbrella
  • photo over the shoulder of man holding the script
  • closeup shot of video camera rig
  • woman talking to a camera
  • man on a ladder about to dump a bucket of water on another man

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