It’s Christmaaaasss – go behind the scenes of our 2016 festive team photo.

Once upon a time, a package arrived at the MadeBrave® studio, full of multi-coloured candy canes. The team flocked to the box and dug in (what can we say, we’re a hungry bunch). Suddenly, there was a loud twinkling sound *jingle bells* and a flash of light (teal, of course). “Ho-ho-holy HobNobs” (see what we did there?) “We’ve shrunk!”


Okay, technically this didn’t actually happen, but we’re suckers for a good Christmas story. So, if we’re being completely honest (it’s coming up for Christmas and the big man’s watching) all of this was created in the magical world of Photoshop (luckily, we’ve got a bunch of talented Photographers, Designers and Retouchers in house *nudge nudge* *wink wink*) so it was done in a doddle.  Here’s a little sneak peek behind the scenes of our 2016 Christmas photo…

We take the Desk Decorating Competition seriously at Casa MadeBrave

Have a very Merry MadeBrave Christmas season folks (and we hope your New Year is equally as brilliant).



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