In a lot of ways, ‘work’ used to be a building or a place to be from 9 to 5—but no longer. For us, our work is something we love to do, and from now on we’re going to do it wherever and whenever suits our people best.

If you ask us, the old ways of working were too restrictive and rigid. We’ve often said that we want our people to feel free to bring their unique, weird selves to work every day (more on that here) so shouldn’t they also have the freedom to work where and when is best for them? We sure think so.

Besides, flexible working means more inclusivity, more diversity, and better equity for everyone. These are what great culture and great work are built on.

If you know us, bringing our values and big ideas to life through murals, films, and animations, is nothing new. For this one, we decided to start with a bit of copywriting, using a manifesto as a springboard to get the team excited about this new initiative.

We then teamed up with the incredible illustrator and graphic designer, Alex Black to help bring our manifesto to life through a series of flexi-stickers. But that’s not all—we even had flexi-pyjamas made for everyone on the team!

MadeBrave Team with their Flexi-Pyjamas!
Pretty cool, right? Come see what else we got up to!

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