We’ve arrived!

After a weekend of heavy lifting, cleaning and multiple Ikea trips, operation #MadeBraveOnTheMove is officially complete. We’ve been talking about moving to our new home, The Albus for quite a while now and today marks the very first page of a new chapter for MadeBrave®. As a bunch of arty types, we went all out to put our stamp on it, so feel free to have a nosey around our new home…

modern office design

MadeBrave office

creative board room

office interiors


Scandinavian design

Creative agency studio

modern office design

office lighting

creative office ideas

Cool huh?! It’s even better than we thought it would be (and that’s saying something). We’d like to thank our pals at Studio Joinery, BDG and TOJO Design for helping us to create the studio of our dreams – and of course to Clyde Gateway for all their support and recommending The Albus in the first place.

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