Red Nose Day’s ‘Make Your Face Funny for Money’ campaign, MadeBrave® style.

We like doing things differently here at MadeBrave®, and we spent all morning thinking of something unique for Comic Relief’s ‘Make Your Face Funny for Money’ campaign. There was chat of face paint, props and superimposing giraffes on members of the team (long story) but then it hit us: We decided to turn to the gadgets we use every day for a little optical illusion with the icons of British comedy and T.V!

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Red nose day 2015

Ooh Dame Edna, thanks for stopping by with those cakes!

gok wan red nose day

Channeling our inner Gok Wan

Red nose day 2015

 Lenny Henry, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be getting ready for tonight?

Red nose day 2015

So nice of you to stop by Vic Reeves!

Red Nose Day

 Harry Hill judging our weekly in-house Stars in Your Eyes.


Big yin in the house!


 Nice extensions Dawn!


 Yes Alan, those are the real drawings for our new office.


 Ben Elton, deep in thought.


 Miss Piggy adding a little glamour to the office.


 Jimmy Carr, we knew those locks would grow one day!


 Getting our Wossy on at MadeBrave HQ!

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