August brings the heat, and award nomination numero dos to the MadeBrave team!

Here at MadeBrave we’re makin’ like bacon—on a roll that is, but without the brown sauce and tatty scone (it’s better with ketchup anyway!). Yep, besides this unbelievable weather, August is turning out to be an absolutely sizzling month with two nominations now in the last week! This one comes à la The Scottish Business Awards for ‘Scottish SME of the year‘! (that’s ‘Small and Medium-sized Enterprise’ for the curious)

With a significant amount of funds raised being invested in Scottish Edge, Social Bite, and even the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (Yes, he’ll be there. Yes, we’ll get a selfie. No, we still haven’t seen Inception), we’re over the moon to be nominated for this prestigious event for the third year in a row!

Make sure to give @scotbizawards a follow over on Twitter, or keep an eye out here as we’ll be raising a glass to all the other noble nominees!

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