Our Andrew’s going on a trip of a lifetime with Cross Creative to Silicon Valley in San Francisco.

Silicon Valley is known worldwide as a Mecca for tech geeks and design nerds alike (folk like us, pretty much) so we’re pretty stoked (and ever so slightly jealous – just a teeny bit) that our Andrew is heading to San Fran on a trip of a lifetime with Cross Creative to visit some of the biggest tech companies on the planet.

cross creative 2016
Road trip! This year’s Cross Creative team.

To tell you a bit about Cross Creative, it’s an amazing development programme created by the guys at TRC Media for senior tech and creative pros in Scotland’s digital media sector, set up to help creative businesses in this neck of the woods thrive and grow – pretty cool, huh? This weekend, our Andrew is heading to Silicon Valley with Debbie Ross of Axis Animation, Greg Williamson of Soluis, Anne Ward of Newspaper Club, Michael Hayes of Add Jam, Gordon Langford of Screenmedia, John-Paul Kitching of Brawn and of course, Margaret Scott of TRC Media who’s part of the team that put the whole shebang together. On their trip, the guys will be visiting global tech leaders like Facebook, Dropbox, Sonar, Unity, Twitter, Xamarin, IDEO, Pixar, Fantasy, First Opinion, Splunk and Medium (phew!) and getting the inside scoop on how these tech giants continue to change the digital landscape.

canon kit
Enough gadgets there, Andrew?

As part of the trip (and because postcards are so hard to find nowadays) Andrew will be taking over the MadeBrave Instagram for the week – shooting sneak peeks, sandwiches (mmmm food) and the sights of San Fran, so if you haven’t already, give us a follow over on @MadeBrave. Keep an eye out on our Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn too for more inside scoops.

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