While the likes of Michael Jamieson and Usain Bolt have been busy eating their greens and training night and day for the Commonwealth games, we’ve also been practising our skills (numchuck skills, bowhunting skills) in preparation for competing this summer in the form of Team MadeBrave®.

With a team of very talented athletes, we feel that we’ll be likely to win a medal in some of the more unusual sports, like space hopping, egg’n’spoon racing and haggis throwing, for example. Plus like all of the teams, we have a Scottie Dog, but ours is better because he’s actually a weight-lifting champion (didn’t see THAT one coming, did you?)

Anyway, we’ve had a lot of support over the last few months and we just want to say a heart-felt thank you to everyone who has worked tirelessly to make sure we qualify for each of the sports, we couldn’t have done it without you. Also, a big shout out to all the people who organised and performed in last night’s spectacular opening ceremony – you knocked it out the park – huge congratulations.

Anyway, we still need to do our day jobs in amongst being high-profile athletes, so, as Keith Lemon would say, it’s back t’ studio.

PS. Good luck to everyone involved in the games, our city is buzzing and we’re quite frankly lovin’ it.

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