Looking to tell a special creative that they’re the CM to your YK? We’ve got you covered.

Roses are red (but technically Pantone 032 U), we’ve created Valentine’s cards for designy-folk like you (or a special creative you know). Wow, that really didn’t flow as well as we’d hoped. Anyway, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and pun-making, we’ve lovingly designed six Valentine’s cards for you to print out and prop up for the creative in your life who has beautiful eyes and hair that smells like cinnamon. So if you’re in a glass case of emotion and can’t find the words to express your love, we’ve got just the thing.

valentine's card - you're just my typeface

Creative Briefs

Ohh cheeky! If someone’s creative briefs are on your mind, this’ll make them laugh so much they’ll wet their…uh, briefs.

Download here.

Just My Typeface

Love them more than a clean sans serif font? Let them know!

Download here.

Font of You

It’s funny because it sounds like ‘fond’ *chuckles to self*

Download here.

Layers of Luuurrve

If you want to tell that special someone you love them almost as much as you love Photoshop, this’ll do.

Download here.

valentine's day card - kerning puts U and I together


A twist on the classic, only this time it’s not the alphabet bringing U & I together.

Download here.

RGB Mine

This is where you can put your copywriting skills to the test (we left the B blank for you to fill in yourself). Tweet us @MadeBrave and let us know what you write! 

Download here.

Once you’ve downloaded your card of choice, all you have to do is print it off and get your origami on – we like to call this one the folding rectangle. Please see below for our how-to.

valentines day card pdf instructions

If you happen to use our fancy-schmancy Valentine’s cards – let us know! (Even better, take a photo at tag #MadeBrave so we can have a nosey).

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