Our Andrew and Ryan from Flavourly were amongst the great speakers at this year’s WeDO Scotland Annual Conference.

Every year, WeDO Scotland host their annual conference, bringing together some of Scotland’s greatest business minds to talk about their experience as entrepreneurs. This year, our Andrew did a joint talk with our pal Ryan from Flavourly about building fun, exciting businesses in today’s market. They were joined by international hairdressing legends, tech start ups and lifetime achievers –  here are just a few of the great speakers from the event…


 First up – our Andrew talking about Flavourly (wow, how relevant – it’s as if someone planned it all!)


Next up, Ryan from Flavourly (he doesn’t look this serious all the time, we promise).


Inspiring young people to develop their ideas and realise their ambitions – Anthony Gerrard, Cheif Exec of Bad Idea.


Josh Carson and his beard of wonder (that’s where he keeps all his techy genius) from Geared App


Ian – blue steel – LeBruce, head honcho of Cappuccino Ads (they put ads on coffee cups – genius!)


MSP Annabelle Ewing on Youth & Women’s Employment (she even had a MadeBrave® moleskine!)


The man himself, Charlie Miller of CM Hairdressing #legend


From football to surf shacks – the rise of WeDo Scotland’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner, Stuart Hunter of Advance Global Recruitment.


Congrats again to Malcolm McPherson of Gateley on winning the WeDO Scotland Lifetime Achievement Award!

Brothers from another mother at the WeDO Scotland conference! @dobbieandrew @ryanororke7 A photo posted by ianlebruce (@ianlebruce) on

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