Welcome to the brand spanking new MadeBrave® website.

As you may have heard, MadeBrave® recently turned three, so we thought we’d give ourselves a make-over (treat yo self and all that jazz). We’ve been working round the clock like a bunch of beavers: there has been blood, sweat and tears (many, many tears) but it has been all worth it to create a website that makes us proud us punch.

You’re welcome to look around, our casa is your casa, so check out our portfolio and get to know the team (complete with fetching mug shots). As always, we’ll be posting all the latest news and tips on our blog and if you fancy getting in touch, we’re only a phone call away. Oh wait, what’s that? Something’s different? Say hello to MadeSocial – our exciting sister-company that we’ve been keeping under wraps. SURPRISE!

MadeSocial will be offering social media services including full management, design and training workshops. Keep your beady eyes on our website and the MadeBrave® Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages for all the latest MadeSocial news – we’ll be revealing more as time goes on.

Right, enough chatter from us – sit down, grab a cuppa and check out the newy-newness for yourself!

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