Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for being cozy *adjusts mittens, slurps cocoa* but we’ve officially run out of elbow room and it’s time to move studio into a newer, bigger, better space!

In other words, we’re moving on up (well, the new place is downstairs if we’re being technical).


Why are we moving?

If you think about it, moving always feels like the start of something new—like when you move in with your partner, when you buy your first family home with a baby in tow, or when you up-sticks and relocate to a different city. With each set of keys, you mark a new chapter in your life.

For us, our first big move was four years ago when we moved from our 1,200 sq ft studio in South Block to a studio over twice the size here at The Albus, owned by Clyde Gateway. Well, here we are again! In December we’re starting a new chapter, moving downstairs from our current space to a new 6,600 square foot studio that’s (again) more than twice the size! But it’s not just about more room—the new studio is about creating a space that reflects our culture and provides an amazing environment for our team.



The last 18 months have been some of the best at Casa MadeBrave (you know, like when we joined forces with Campfire or when we took on a bunch of new work). As a result we’ve welcomed more than a few new people to the team. In fact, we’ve more than doubled in size! All that to say we’ve officially run out of elbow room—even the hallways and cupboards have turned into meeting spaces!

What we have planned

Visually the new studio is going to be a lot like our current space—only bigger, bolder, and shinier. That’s why we got Storey & CoSplintr and Bureau on board to develop something that’s unlike anything we’ve done before. In other words, we’re creating the studio we always wished we had. We’ll have quiet pods for focus-time, more brain-storming spaces than you can shake a Sharpie at, architectural light installations (we love lamp), interactive displays, Wigwams for our fluffy pups, and a fully-stocked programmable LED bar to make Friday drinks that bit better.

What we’re even more excited about though, is our new event space where we’ll be hosting more of our own events (more on that soon!). We’ll also be opening up the space for others to host their own events, so drop us a wee note if you’d like to have a look around.


But it’s not just the pretty stuff we’re excited about. As we said, this move marks a whole new chapter for us, and in preparation for the move we’ve put some important new benefits in place for our team to make sure we’re living by our values, inside and out. In the last few months we’ve introduced flexi-time and enhanced our maternity, paternity and adoption packages. We’ve also designated a creativity budget for every single person at MadeBrave. Last but not least, we’ve introduced a ‘paw’ternity package so MadeBravers with puppies can work from home for the week to look after their new wee fluffy bundles (well, and clean up all the pee)

Goodbye, Studio 6

In amongst all the excitement of a new move, there’s also the part where we get a bit sad saying goodbye to our old space (it happens every time). Queue the montage music—here are some of our favourite memories from Studio 6…

Clucks to Bucks

That time we had chickens running around the boardroom (and then won a Chip Shop Award for it.)


First Bus in a Box

That time we put a bus in a box —seeing this go from idea to reality was a continuous thread of proud moments.


Brand Values on Walls

That time we painted all over the walls. It’s a bit sad to see these murals painted over, but don’t worry, there will be plenty more in the new space. As always, it was a real treat to work with the incredibly talented RichardCraig and Rachel!


Welcome, Campfire!

That time we joined forces with Campfire under Born Original Group!


Cheers to a Big Win!

That time we became the lead creative agency for iconic brands like Tennent’s, Magners, Heverlee, Menabrea, and Orchard Pig—one of our biggest wins to date!


Trojan Pig

That time we built a giant trojan pig for the launch of their Pink Cider.


Birthday Ball Pit

That time we turned one of our meeting rooms into a giant ball pit to celebrate our 7th birthday—just because.


Pssst… If you want a sneak peek at our new studio, keep an eye on our stories over the next few weeks.

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